Thanks for helping me add to a portfolio of images that will become the foundation for my website and other marketing materials. The purpose of these sessions is to create polished images that will absolutely blow people’s socks off when they see my headshots. Here’s what you need to know before your shoot.


What should I wear for the photos? For headshots, simplicity is best. I always recommend avoiding bold patterns or shirts with text or logos on them. Minimal jewelry is typically best and less distracting as well. For these portfolio building photos I would ask that men bring along a suit jacket, ironed dress shirt and a couple of options for ties. I suggest bringing about five different top options to choose from at the shoot so that we can capture formal as well as casual images. Try to include a variety of colors and necklines. You can’t go wrong with a black t-shirt! As with any rules there are always exceptions and if you want to bring along your favorite patterned shirt and bold earrings go for it!

Men - Should I come looking scruffy or clean shaven? Men, make sure any facial hair is neatly groomed for your session. Retouching neck hairs is next to impossible! If you’re planning a haircut close to the photo session try to do it at least a few days before to avoid that super fresh cut look. 

Ladies - To what level should I do my makeup? Imagine you will be attending a wedding and want to look your best. That’s a great place to start. Avoid sparkly makeup on your face and eyes if possible as these don’t photograph well with the flash. I normally wouldn’t recommend going overboard with foundations which can sometimes look too thick when photographed. Remember that these photos will be retouched and don’t stress too much about the appearance of blemishes. I won’t make you look like a porcelain doll but I will make you look like you just had the best night’s sleep, drank lots of water and didn’t just happen to wake up with the biggest zit on your chin on the day of your photos (It happens more often than you might think!). 


How should I style my hair? It’s great to start with your hair down and styled how you would typically wear it on a special occasion whether curly or straight. We can always put it half up or all up in a ponytail later if you want to try both options. I will have hairspray and a handy tool that I use for helping those pesky strays and flyaways lay flat.

Should I wear my glasses? If you normally wear glasses I would suggest wearing them in the photo. And don’t worry about reflections as most lenses have an anti-glare coating. Remember to clean them before you arrive. It does show up, trust me!

Will I be signing a consent form? Yes. These photos will be used online and possibly in a brochure down the road and I’ll need you to sign a consent form. I have an app on my phone that I use for signing the consent form and if you would like to review the legal text prior to your shoot just let me know and I can definitely share that with you.

How many images will I receive and will they be retouched? I will share an online gallery of images with you and you can select your two favorite shots for me to retouch and send back to you. I will also be retouching one or two of my own favorites as well which I am happy to share with you. 


I know that was a lot to read and hopefully not too overwhelming! This is going to be a really fun time and I’m confident that between the two of us we will get an incredible headshot that you can use for years to come.

See you soon!